Tùy Chỉnh

((Omg I'm so sorry I haven't updated!))
Misty awoke too find nothing next too her, she thought it was all a dream until she smelt the other cats around her. Opening her odd colored eyes she blinked softly. "Coal?" She meowed out. Her head turning as she heard a familiar mew.
"Right here misty." He purred softly. Flicking her ear with his tail. Grief still showed in his eyes. But he seemed too be in a better mood. "Come on misty there's a lot more too see. Now that the train moved again." He says softly. Leading her out of the train car and down too the soft plush grass. She sniffed the air softly. "Would you like too go hunting with me?" Coal asked softly. Watching her nose in the air.
Misty nodded.
"Sure. Plus maybe we could meet all the others later as well." She said purring softly, oh how good it was too be back with her old friend.
they stalked through the undergrowth and began hunting she caught wind of something else. Ignoring it she trained her thoughts ahead of her. Leaping onto a mouse and killing it smoothly. Coal padded over too her with a mouse in his jaws.
"Let's hunt for a bit more then go back." Misty nodded. And then padded off again. Searching for more prey. And seeking out a rabbit her eyes shone. Stalking closer she prepares too leap. She sprinted after the rabbit and finally caught it. Her eyes bright and as she began too trot back too coal she was tackled by something from the side.