Đọc Truyện theo thể loại
All I ever do is cause pain
I broke the most beautiful
Most amazing
And perfect
Girls heart
She was everything to me
She meant the world to me
She was my one and only
And I went and broke her heart
I broke the girl if my dreams heart
Not once but twice
And now I'm about to hurt another girl
I don't I've this one the way I loved her
Never have never will
Honestly being with her makes me sick to my stomach
And she says she's in love with me
And I broke her heart to
But in my minds
Her heart is not as important as the one I love most heart
I hurt best friend
And made the other one pissed at me
I seem to hurt everyone i care for
I want to just get my suicide over
But I promised her
And even if I did
My very last act will hurt her
So now I'm torn
Between living and dying
I want her to be happy
And that might only happen if I'm dead

«  Trust me I'm telling the truth...

Dying »

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