a sweet surprise

Tùy Chỉnh

When I got the crown on dillon had another surprise.I wonder what it is raven asked me.I don't know I said all I know is he is being nice to us.We finally came to a really big house.This is for raven and brandi dillon said.He asked for me and raven to come up so we did.He now gave us a mansion with maids and servants in it.Kayla then came and was sad.We asked her what was wrong. She said they killed Richard. Calm down who did?The humans they were mad at one direction so they killed richard. I was just walking and waa. Her body's weak raven said she cant move.She told Kayla to put her fangs in and drink some blood. Niall asked us what happened and raven said she used her nails to save us.Then we stuck a tube in his arm and my  arm.Then we told kayla to drink the blood.