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Im probably gonna write most of it in your pov, i hope you dont mind. Its just way easier to write.
X your pov X
Jacks Alarm went off at 7:30 in the morning.

Its the 6th of March 2015 and a Friday.

Plus its fudging early in the morning but oh welp, Pax starts at 10am.

I pull the blanket over my head.

"Y/N GET UP PAX IS COMING!" Jack shouted as energic as always.

"I dont wanna" i mumble into the soft bedsheets and my pillow.

"Alright i'll get ready and i wake you when im done, so you have a good hours or so right?" He said.

I could almost hear him smile.

"Okay" i mumble and drift off.
- time skip-
"Y/N GETTUP! IM DONE. ITS ALMOST 8:30" Jack shouted.

The air was filled with his cologne and showergel.

"Ugh alright."i say as Jack pulls away my shield of warmness, my blanket.

I went over to my suitcase and picked out my outfit - a white bellyfree tshirt, skintight kinda.

Some kinda ripped highwaist shorts, a cardigan in a soft rosè color plus my white chucks.

Also not to forget underwear and socks, guys.

Unplugged my phone and went to the bathroom.

As i was looking for music to play while i shower i realized i had a new message, from mark.
M: Good morning, beautiful. Could you ask Jack if he wants to go to Pax with Bob, wade and Me. Or do you guys come later and i'll meet you then?
"Beautiful, huh?" I say as i stared at the mess in the mirror that unfortunately was me. 



"IDUNNO HOLD ON!" My fingers swipe over the keyboard of my phone.
Y: We would love to go with you guys. When will you leave?
Not even 20 seconds later i reseved a message.
M: around 9:45
"9:45, JACK."


my lips formed to a smile.
Y: Jack says that you should just come over before you head out, so we can go together.
M: alright, bob and wade will wait infront of the Pax building.
Y: see you then
My eyes slide over the words thst were all songtitles in my playlists.
One time by marian hill is what I chose.

I found a short video of edits of Mark and this song was the background music, since then i enjoy it.

I strip off my clothes and hop under the shower.

The words just came out of my mouth.

" I know I've got that sway, that makes the boys all stay.
I know the way that men can be.
I like it smooth and slow, give it some time to grow.
That's something you should know about me." I sing out loud.

After around 10 minutes i got out of the shower, got dressed and started to blowdry my hair.

Again, blowdrying my hair feels like it takes aaaages.

I sigh out loud. "Finally. Now to the fun part" i say out loud.

"make up time!" I pull out a small bag with my make up.

I did simple foundation with powder, some golden eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara.

I straightened my h/t h/c hair and checked my phone.

"9:30, Wow." I say out loud.

I unlock the bathroom door and walk out.

I got my perfum out of my suitcase and apply some.

"Y/n, you look amazing" Jack said smiling at me.

He always compliments me, he wants me to be self confident.

"thanks Jack, you look great too!" I say and hug him tight.

"Okay okay i cant breathe y/n!" Jack said laughing.

"Oh do i..." i look at him with a smirk. ".. take your breath away?"

"You really had to, didnt ya?" Jack said laughing.

"You know me too well, brother." I smile at him.

I charge my phone for the last 15 minutes.

"Hey i brought you some breakfast, not much. Just a fruitsalat with bananas, strawberries, apples and kiwifruit. And a yogurt, since you dont really eat alot for breakfast." I hug him.

"you are awesome."

I say and pick up the bowl of fruitsalat and a fork and slowly start eating.

"No, im a BOSS!" He said raising his arms up in the air and shouting like a maniac.

Theres a knock on the door.

I check the time 9:35, mark is early.

Still laughing i look at jack and say "alright boss, go get the door"

"awh... alright" he said and walked over to the door.

The next things you heard were simple "heeeey" ' s and hugging plus backpatting.

Then Mark entered the room.

He looked handsome as fudge. Like really.

He had gotten a haircut, i realized.

He wore a black and white flannel and black jeans with also, white chucks.

As soon as his eyes found me heis Jaw dropped.
X Marks pov X
I entered the room and my eyes found y/n sitting on her bed, sitting there crisscross in a really hot outfit.

She was eating .. fruitsalat? I guess.

But damn, she looks incredible.

"Alright you can close your mouth now" jack said laughing while patting my shoulder.

I felt my cheeks heaten up.
X your pov X

"Hey Mark!" I say as i jump on him.

He picked me up slightly and i lifted my feet up as if im jumping.

"Heey y/n, wow youre really happy to see me, huh?"he said laughing.

"Well, I dunno just glad to see you"i i say as he let me down.

"So, you guys got to meet eachother yesterday?" Jack said raising an eyebrow.

"Well.. uh yeah kinda" Mark said scratching his neck.

Jack turned to me.

"Is there something you guys want to tell me?" He said serious but couldnt hide his smile good enough.

"Well uhm, .." Mark started.

I checked my watch on my phone.

"GUYS NO TIME FOR THIS WE NEED TO GO PAX STARTS IN 10 MINUTES!" I shout as i grab my purse, put in my phone, earphones, wallet and my little handmirror.

I check myself in the mirror as fast as sonic, grab the keys and pull both of the guys out of the hotelroom.
Why am i so excited for Pax?

We had left the hotelroom not even 3 minutes ago when Jack realized he forgot his wallet.

"Okay heres the Key hurry up!" I shout as he ran up the stairs instead of taking the elevator.

"So... since Jack isnt here.." Mark said as his hand found mine and he had interlocked our fingers.

"I didnt get the chance to really say hi" he finished as his soft lips met mine.

The tingle in my belly was there and i felt happy.

"I GOT IT, GUYS I GOT I..." Jack shouted as he stood now right next to us with open mouth.

"Jack hold on I can explain!" I shout at him while looking frustrated.

"No need to explain, i see whats going on." He said serious.

Then he hugged me tight and whispert in my ear "Its okay, remember our motto? If youre happy, i am happy. Just be careful" then he pulled out of the hug and send me the most heartwarming smile he ever gave me.

Then he turned towards the door.

As we three were now standing infront of the main building of Pax i

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