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Would you look at that cast?!

An author's note. 🙄 Wow, I'm so surprised.

Chapter 1 - "So enters wonder boy."

Chapter 2 - "You really have no boundaries, do you?"

Chapter 3 - "I'm going to break your nose, because I don't like your face."

Chapter 4 - "Owens, do you ever shut up?"

Chapter 5 - "This won't hurt you one bit."

Chapter 6 - "I convey a moody persona?"

Chapter 7 -"Try to keep up, old man."

Chapter 8 -"I never pegged either of you as the skittish type."

Chapter 9 -"You're kind of cute when you're flirting."

Chapter 10 - "Funny one, Carter."

Chapter 11 - "Taking her up on her offer?"

Chapter 12 - "There's nothing to say, Carter."

Chapter 13 - "I can't ever lose him."

Chapter 14 - "How did you know?"

Chapter 15 - "Why I do favors for people is beyond me."

Chapter 16 - "I prefer a swift punch."

Chapter 17 - "You look nice, Sarge."

Chapter 18 -"Play nice."

Chapter 19 - "How can he be so clueless?"

Chapter 20 - "Get. The. Hell. Out."

Chapter 21 - "People fail you."

Chapter 22 - "You want to crash here on the couch?"

Chapter 23 -"She can't just show up and do this to us!"

Chapter 24 - "You don't have to talk to her."

Chapter 25 - "Were you waiting for us?"

Chapter 26 - "Don't assume you know everything."

Chapter 27 - "You don't have to say it."

Chapter 28 - "I didn't think I would see you again."

Chapter 29 - "You look hot."

Chapter 30 - "How badly did I screw up?"

Chapter 31 - "I said it was fine."

Chapter 32 - "I know it's not a date, it was a slip of the tongue."

Chapter 33 - "Look, I can't tell you."

Chapter 34 - "Do you ever regret it?"

Chapter 35 - "She knows, Jay."

Chapter 36 - "Does it look like I'm joking?"

Chapter 37 - "Donovan, just talk to me."

Chapter 38 - "Don't punch me if you lose."

Chapter 39 - "I do not want your pity or sympathy."

Chapter 40 - "Let's go find Link."

Chapter 41 - "Split up."

Chapter 42 - "Get out of my way."

Chapter 43 - "You ready?"

Chapter 44 - "Who am I speaking to?"

Chapter 45 - "You got my message."

Chapter 46 - "It doesn't mean it's okay."

Chapter 47 - "Then I can kiss you again."

Just one minute, that's all I ask of you.


A Special Sort of Problem

A Secret Service Special Surprise

Chapter 1 (Donovan's POV)

Special Scene Snippets

A Cross-Over Special

The secrets behind A Secret Service

Don't hate me! It's only a cover gallery.

Duck and cover gallery!

Take cover gallery!

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